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Wendy the Retard (born May 15, 1980) lives in Ormond Beach, Florida and is a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show. She is a retarded adult like fellow Wack Packer Gary the Retard, who lives with her mother and sister.

She enjoys bumper bowling and singing pop song karaoke in her bedroom, and will occasionally do so while calling Howard's show, clearly to the amusement of those in the studio. In many of her on-air telephone calls, she answers "yes" to any question from Stern, no matter how insulting or sexual. Based on her recent conversations with Daniel Carver, she may also be a racist -- or merely impressionable. She is known for an inconsistent ability to pronounce difficult words, and claimed on-air that, while drunk, she shoved a tomato up her ass, and ate it. Miss Howard Stern beat Wendy in a trivia contest, and her family lost to Daniel Carver's in Wack Pack Family Feud. She claimed to have eaten an entire large pizza, pancakes, and a McDonald's meal in one day. She has been the target of Stern prank calls, including one from fellow Wack Packer Bigfoot (Mark). She was also a frequent caller on a central Florida morning radio talk show The Monsters in the Morning (on Real Radio 104.1 as well as XM Channel 152), wheres she proclaimed her love for Dirty Jim (show co-host).

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