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Eric Bleaman a.k.a High Pitch Eric, is known for his trademark falsetto speaking voice and for his obesity, poor hygiene, willingness to submit to degrading acts just to please Howard Stern, and failure to return owed money and favors.

He has used notoriety garnered from multiple appearances on The Howard Stern Show to shamelessly ask for free money, services, event tickets and favors. He first appeared on the Stern Show on 8/15/1997, where he was brought in off the street into the studio because of his unusually high voice and "superfan" demeanor. Hi-Pitch was recently confronted on the air by several businessmen he had scammed by writing bad checks for various services, such as limousine rides, a fully catered holiday dinner for his family, and an industrial coffee machine installed in his apartment. High Pitch Eric also has an unnatural fear of fish, and flees in terror whenever the show staff bring fish near him. He also has tried unsuccessfully to imitate other people such as Baba Booey and even Kelly Clarkson. This lead to his much played sound drop, "Who's High Pitch?" in response to his intended phone prank victim recognizing his voice to be High Pitch Eric, and not Kelly Clarkson. He has, however, somewhat successfully fooled people into believing he was former show staffer KC Armstrong. As "KC" he created another much used sound drop of him saying, "Nice!" in the manner that KC would use it to emphasize something nasty or inappropriate.

He has recently been suffering from Gout, possibly due to his ever-increasing weight and bad diet habits.

On 7/27/2007 It was mentioned by the Howard 100 News Team on Sirius Radio that Eric is also facing eviction for not paying his rent for over 8 months. He was evicted on 8/2/2007.

According to the Howard 100 News Team on Sirius Radio, Eric is currently working as a laborer for a construction company on Long Island. He was hired in late August 2007 as a laborer, but fired after two weeks due to the length of time it took him to paint a door.

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