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Originally hailing from Alabama, Crazy Alice claims to be half African-American and half Italian (with the surname Gotti), who freely admits to hating black people. Alice was discovered when she called the show from her California home, after which she flew to New York to appear live in Stern's studio on December 9, 1999. She is best known for filibustering during arguments (as heard in the Touch-Tone Terrorists, particularly with "Junkyard Willie"), having wild mood swings, and engaging in long screaming rants when called "Crazy Alice". During her long-winded rants, it is common for Stern to turn down the send (audio) from his microphone to the phone patch, while the crew discusses her lunacy or wagers on the duration of a given rant. On May 4, 2006 she expressed a preference for the moniker "Angry Alice", as she blames domestic abuse for her temper and erratic behavior. The "Who dis?" soundbite, commonly used throughout the show, was spoken by Crazy Alice.

Since the move to Sirius Alice has had a tremendously disdainful relationship with Artie which came to a head on June 15th, 2006, when the two engaged in an on-air feud which lasted for approximately twenty-five minutes, and was spurned during a quasi-apology that she tried to deliver to show announcer, George Takei.

About six minutes into her phone-call, Artie started a Star Trek-themed Crazy-Alice-rant-impersonation, which quickly spiraled into a lengthy squabble dubbed by meticulous show archiver, Mark Mercer, "Crazy Alice vs. Crazy Artie". This argument lasted at least 15 minutes. The two have since buried the hatchet and when Alice came to visit the studio in late 2007, the two patched things up in-person, after which Artie took her for a shopping trip to the official Yankees Store.

Her latest feud is with Howard News reporter, Steve Langford.

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