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Blue Iris (aka Ellen Niemer Pinsky) performs in "granny porn", and guest-hosted the Howard 100 program Tissue Time with Heidi Cortez. She rode the Sybian on April 6, 2006, and sidelines as a stand-up comic who performs weekly with her comedy troupe 'The Ding Dong Show'. She reportedly had shock therapy in her 20s which she blames for her many ailments. Iris's popular catch phrases (used during Stern Show prank phone calls) include "I love a black cock", "Can I put my finger in your ass?", "This is better than rejuvenation" and "I'm getting myself hot!"

Her first Stern Show appearance occurred on February 4, 2004, but was not until Stern's show went to Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006 when Iris finally gained Wack Packer status. On October 18, 2006, Artie Lange engaged in a ten second French kiss on-camera with Blue Iris, to settle a bet made with pro wrestler Chris Kanyon when the New York Yankees failed to advance past the New York Mets in the 2006 Major League Baseball playoffs. On January 30, 2007 "Howard 100 News" (on Howard Stern Sirius channel 100) reported that Iris was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. On January 31, 2007 she called Stern's show to explain that she was experiencing weakness on her left side, as well as impaired verbal and math skills.

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