Opie and Anthony played the Artie Lange fight on the air with Jim Norton. All of them hoped that Artie doesn't leave and they basically said that these events wouldn't get him fired because of how important he is to the Stern Show.

What I did find interesting was Jim Norton saying that he hears that Artie does stuff (as in drugs), but he can't confirm it. I think that's pretty damning information that Artie is using again. Shit, and he was (is?) in Amsterdam this weekend.


prs_fiend says:

I don't consider it damning information at all...we all know Artie is still using. MAYBE it's not heroin, but he's admittedly still drinking to excess, overeating and abusing Subutex.

What I would find most suprising is if Artie ISN'T using heroin again.

Whether he's using or not isn't going to play much of a part, how he handles himself is what is important.

Regardless of what the 'specific' issue is, Artie needs help. He's in major denial and in a world of hurt. He's got a very demanding schedule, major life issues and addiction issues...what he's going through would be too much for any human with those situations.

posted April 15, 2008 at 06:00 am PDT

The information is damning in the sense that it will likely affect his future employment. There are insurance and liability issues that the suits have to take into account when hiring someone. Artie's record isn't good, and it's all out there for anyone to listen to and look at, including websites dedicated to his demise and people betting large sums of money that he'll be dying of an O.D. within the next 12 months. Artie has pointed these out himself on the air.

All respect to Joe Rogan, but the fact that Artie is important to the show doesn't mean he is immune from being let go. Like I said, liability. How do you justify to the other X thousand employees at the company that this behavior has been deemed acceptable because Artie is special? It doesn't work that way. Even if Howard doesn't want to fire him, it's not his decision to make, ultimately.


posted April 15, 2008 at 10:07 am PDT
prs_fiend says:

Artie's been a 'liability' in the entertainment business LONG before joining the Stern show.

Trust me, it's really not as big an issue as some people want to make it out to be. He's a money maker, and promoters are well aware of this.

IF he's off the show, yes, THAT will be a huge impact because he won't be getting free exposure on a daily basis. But, as far as the drugs and his lifestyle goes...that's been an ongoing issue for Artie from day one. Remember the Mad TV debacle? People thought his career was over then, too.

He's got agents and managers to perform damage control, and a HUGE fan base...he's not under contract with Sirius, so they really have nothing to lose in that regard by bringing him back.

Getting life and health insurance would surely be a hard task, but as far as continuing employment? Nah. I'm sure if he goes back to Sirius it will be after a lengthy discussion with management and HR. He'll have to sign off on some waivers and an promise to behave himself, that will be the extent of it, IMO.

You gotta remember, what happens IN the studio is exempt from what happens in the hallways. They're all covered by 'artistic' rights...the studio is an entertainment machine...the same rules don't apply in there. It's a 'show'.

posted April 15, 2008 at 12:21 pm PDT

It's very true Artie has a well known history with drugs and alcohol. His debacle at Mad TV probably helped him get the job with Stern more then anything else. All Howard had to do was hear the story, and he knew Artie was his guy. But not everyone is looking for as big a train wreck as Howard is. Artie filled the void that needed to be filled on a very special show. I have no doubt Artie will be able book as many stand up gigs and appearances as he wants. But, thats not just a job, it's a whole lifestyle. There's a lot of flying and drugs and drinking and living in hotels, and very little stability. A man that weighs 300 pounds and doesn't take care of himself may find it difficult to keep up, especially if there's no "reliable" regular gig fall back on when he needs to calm things down, relatively speaking.

So no, Artie won't go broke looking for work. The question is, where does he go from here? Assuming of course he won't return to the show, because I'm still not convinced that Corporate Sirius is going to allow him to stay. But what's he gunna find that's on par with the Stern show? Is he going to go back to lame FCC censored terrestrial radio, or take a step down and do some other shitty satellite show that no one listens to? Hells no. It's all about TV for Artie. That's what he really wants, he should make that shit happen...


posted April 15, 2008 at 01:57 pm PDT
prs_fiend says:

You make some good points. Yeah, the Stern show IS the perfect place for a 'misfit' like Artie. I'm sure other entertainment businesses won't allow Artie to be a complete train wreck like Stern does.

I know Artie wants a TV show, but, if he's smart he'd really hold out for the right one. Honestly, most sitcoms really suck...Dice completely dumbed himself down for his show and it was horrible, and definitely hurt his career.

I guess it's a coin toss...the exposure would be great for Artie, but would a failed TV show be worth it? He's not a proven commodity in movies or TV like he is on stage or radio.

I've enjoyed his movies because HE was in them, but if it was someone else, I'd probably not have watched/bought the DVD's.

If I were Artie, I'd seriously check into rehab, get healthy, and take some time to plot his next move. HOPEFULLY while still staying with the show, but, I dunno...that may not be an option anymore.

Artie's main concern should be his health, but I don't think it is.

posted April 16, 2008 at 03:07 am PDT

I agree, his health has to be priority one. He needs to go to a doctor and actually take their advice this time. Shit, he needs a team of doctors on his case.

Arties a talented guy, so I think he's capable of getting a project together. My theory is that he should get some of his comedian friends involved and put a pilot together, or some kind of tv project that can be his. It really needs to be his name and rep on the line because that's the only thing left to motivate him. He's been riding Stern's coattails long enouph and getting a free ride. That's why he's been so miserable.

It's true most sitcoms are watered down bland excuses to show you some commercials. And it's hard to produce something good and original these days, but you know, if no one tries then no one will succeed. It will def be taking a chance for Artie, but that's the career he chosen, so that's what it takes. Or maybe he should just open a drive through bakery or something...


posted April 16, 2008 at 07:40 am PDT
Anonyjaya says:

"Dice completely dumbed himself down for his show and it was horrible, and definitely hurt his career."

You are kidding right... Dice was/is an appalling comic who was so dumb to begin with it is hard to imagine him being dumbed down.. Joke post of the year.

posted April 16, 2008 at 07:54 am PDT