Feb 27, '08

Beetlejuice had another great appearance today on the Howard Stern Show entertaining all of us with his stories of the road which included Robin Quivers' boyfriend Jim Florentine, but he was really there for the plugs.

In fact, one of his upcoming appearances is making the news. Beetlejuice is slated to show up at Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Staten Island on Saturday for a little dwarf-bowling. That's when you put a little person in protective gear, and bowl with them riding a skateboard. The problem is that this activity, along with dwarf-tossing, has been outlawed in New York since 1990. Apparently a "concerned Island resident" contacted the Staten Island Advance about the stunt.

But shouldn't we hear from the little people themselves. After all, no one is forcing them to do it. Here's what Lester Green (Beetlejuice) had to say about it.

"They don't get hurt. They like that [stuff]."
Well, said, Beet.

Here's a video from the past of a Superman-clad Beetlejuice participating in a little dwarf-tossing. The most disturbing part, I think, is the little kid watching from the sidelines. Great activity to take your 8-year-old to.